"Hey, thanks so  much for your interest in Represent.us and our mission.  Let me tell you what we need to do in your town.  Bottom line, we need to add an agenda item to your town's meeting.  Only town residents can get an agenda item on the books. That means you!  

"Wait. What, me? I've never even been to a town hall meeting!"  People who go to town hall meetings are no different than you or me.  They're just normal folks who are curious about what's happening in their town.  We get anxious about things we've never done before but once we do? It's no sweat!  

Let me give you a run down of the whole process and then I'll tell you where we need to start.  

  • Number one, you're going to call your Town Clerk and you're going to ask them a few questions.  "When is our annual town meeting, anyway?"
  • Number two, you're going to invite me and the Represent.Us crew to come out to your town and collect a few signatures from people who want to get money out of politics.
  • And number three, you'll go to the town hall meeting and talk about this resolution to the two other people who show up to town hall meetings.


Being more engaged is new to a lot of people and can be anxiety producing.  But my philosophy is if it makes you a little anxious and there's a potential for a lot of good from it then you should do it.  This is totally doable and you can do this!  All you have to say is yes and we will be there to support you every step of the way.  So, it's up to you now.  What do you think?  Is this something you want to do?"  

Video made by Represent Us Boston Chapter.  Say you are on board and we'll send you the questions you need to ask your town clerk.